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Kerala PSC Notification 2022, Kerala PSC New Vacancies, Kerala PSC Latest Notification, Kerala PSC Upcoming Notifications, Upcoming PSC Exams in Kerala. Are you searching for the latest Kerala PSC Notification? Then you are in the right place. This article contains all the new vacancies published by the Kerala PSC.

Kerala PSC Notification

Get the latest ‘Kerala PSC Notification‘ details for LDC, LGS, Assistant Professor, Police Constable, Deputy Collector, Medical Officer and more vacancies. You can also find the latest Kerala PSC vacancies on the Kerala Public Service Commission’s official website Find the Kerala PSC New Vacancies for freshers and experience based on qualification, age limit, total number of vacancies and much more from here.

Kerala PSC Notification November 2022

The Kerala Public Service Commission (Kerala PSC) has recently announced the recruitment notification for various posts under the gazette date 15/11/2022. Around 33 job posts are reported by this. The last date to apply is 14th December 2022. You can download the notification as a pdf in the Malayalam language. Check your eligibility and apply before the last date.

No. of posts reported33
Category Number437/2022 to 480/2022
Gazette Date15th November 2022
Last Date14th December 2022

The following are the various vacancies reported by the Kerala PSC on November 2022.

No.Post NameCat. No.Details
1Mechanical Engineer – Kerala State Water Transport437/2022Click here
2Public Relations Officer – Universities in Kerala438/2022Click here
3Assistant Engineer (Electrical) – Kerala State Electricity Board Ltd439/2022Click here
4Secretary Cum Finance Manager – Kerala State Development Corporation440/2022Click here
5Pump Operator – Medical Education441/2022Click here
6Mechanical Operator – Pharmaceutical Corporation (IM) Kerala Ltd.442/2022Click here
7Sales Assistant – Kerala State Handloom Development Corporation Limited443/2022Click here
8Music Teacher (High School) – Education444/2022Click here
9Work Superintendent – Agriculture Development and Farmer’s welfare445/2022Click here
10Lineman – Public Works (Electrical Wing)446/2022Click here
11Forest Boat Driver – Forest447/2022Click here
12Forest Boat Driver – Forest – By Transfer448/2022Click here
13Mechanic – Agriculture Development and Farmers Welfare449/2022Click here
14Engineer-in-Charge (SR for ST only) – Kerala Maritime Board450/2022Click here
16Non-Vocational Teacher Mathematics – Senior (SR from ST only)453/2022Click here
17Higher Secondary School Teacher – Chemistry (SR for ST Only)454/2022Click here
18Higher Secondary School Teacher Junior – Physics (SR for ST Only) – Kerala Higher Secondary Education455/2022Click here
19Staff Nurse Grade II (SR from SC/ST) – Medical Education456/2022Click here
20Laboratory Technician Grade II (SR from SC/ST & ST only) – Medical Education457/2022Click here
21Security Guard Grade II (SR from ST – Ex-Servicemen only) – Kerala Minerals and Metals Ltd. (TDPU)458/2022Click here
22Watchman (SR for SC/ST) – Kerala Small Industries Development Corporation Limited459/2022Click here
23Lift Operator (SR from among ST only) – Various460/2022Click here
24Assistant Professor in Radiodiagnosis – Medical Education Department461/2022Click here
25Lecturer in Commercial Practice (Polytechnics) – Technical Education462-463/2022Click here
26Peon/Watchman (Direct Recruitment from among the Part-Time employees in KSFE Limited) – NCA – SCCC – KSFE464/2022Click here
27Peon/Watchman (Direct Recruitment from among the Part-Time employees in KSFE Limited)-NCA- ST – KSFE465/2022Click here
28High School Teacher (Arabic) (V NCA-SC) – Education466/2022Click here
29Pharmacist Gr-II (Ayurveda) (I NCA-SC/M/LC/AI/ST/V/SIUCN/SCCC/D) – ISM/IMS / Ayurveda Colleges.467-474/2022Click here
30Male Warden (I NCA-SIUCN) – Scheduled Caste Development475/2022Click here
31Male Warden (II NCA-Muslim / OBC) – Scheduled Caste Development476-477/2022Click here
32Driver Gr.II (HDV) (Ex-servicemen only) ( I NCA – SC/Muslim )478-479/2022Click here
33Driver Gr.II (HDV) (Ex-servicemen only) ( II NCA – SC ) – NCC/Sainik Welfare480/2022Click here

Kerala PSC Notification 2022

No.MonthNo. of PostsCategory NumberLast Date
1October (2022)39397/2022 to 436/202202-11-2022
2September (2022)47349/2022 to 396/202219-10-2022
3August (2022)42306/2022 to 348/202222-09-2022
4July (2022)56249/2022 to 305/202231-08-2022
5June (2022)66182/2022 to 248/202220-07-2022
6May (2022)45136/2022 to 181/202222-06-2022
7April (2022)9045/2022 to 135/202201-06-2022
8February (2022)4401/2022 to 44/202230-03-2022

Kerala PSC Notification May 2022

All the Kerala PSC notification published in May 2022 is provided here. Check the gazette date and last date to apply. All the details of the vacancies such as educational qualification, salary, age limit etc. are given in a pdf format.

Kerala PSC Notification Gazette Date 16/05/2022

On 16th May 2022, the Kerala PSC announced the recruitment notification for 36 various posts. All the eligible candidates can apply for these posts from 16th May 2022 to 22nd June 2022 through the PSC One time profile.

Number of posts reported36
Gazette Date16th May 2022
Last Date22nd June 2022

The detailed post details of the Kerala PSC notification are provided in the below table. Check the details such as educational qualification, salary, age limit etc. from below.

No.Post NameCategory NumberDetails
1Assistant Professor in Transfusion Medicine (Blood Bank) – Medical Education139/2022Click here
2Assistant Professor in Sanskrit – Collegiate Education (Training Colleges)140-141/2022Click here
3Assistant Professor in Geography – Collegiate Education (Training Colleges)142-143/2022Click here
4Assistant Professor in Educational Technology – Collegiate Education (Training Colleges)144-145/2022Click here
5Lecturer in Electronics & Instrumentation (Polytechnics) – Technical Education Department146/2022Click here
6Personnel Officer – Kerala Tourism Development Corporation Limited147/2022Click here
7Junior Instructor ( Computer Hardware And Network Maintenance) – Industrial Training148/2022Click here
8Supervisor (ICDS) – Women and Child Development Department149/2022Click here
9General Manager – Kerala State Co-operative Coir Marketing Federation Limited150/2022Click here
10Draftsman Grade III / Overseer Grade III (Mechanical) – Harbour Engineering151/2022Click here
11Electrician – Sports & Youth Affairs Department152/2022Click here
12Clerk cum Typist – Steel Industrials Kerala Limited153/2022Click here
13Cook Grade-II – Kerala Minerals and Metals Ltd. (T.P. Unit)154/2022Click here
14Quality Control Officer-PARTI (GENERAL CATEGORY) – Kerala State Co-operative Coir Marketing Federation Limited155/2022Click here
15Boiler Attendant – Pharmaceutical Corporation (IM) Kerala Ltd.156/2022Click here
16Draftsman Gr-II (Electrical) – Kerala State Housing Board157/2022Click here
17Office Assistant – The Kerala Agro Industries Corporation Limited158/2022Click here
18Confidential Assistant Gr-II (Stenographer Gr-II) – Handicraft Development Corporation of Kerala159/2022Click here
19Boat Driver – Kerala Tourism Development Corporation Limited160/2022Click here
20Finance Manager – Kerala State Palmyrah Products Development and Worker’s Welfare Corporation Limited (Kelpalm)161/2022Click here
21Laboratory Technician Grade-II/Laboratory Assistant Grade-II – Animal Husbandry162/2022Click here
22Driver Gr.II (HDV) (Ex-servicemen only) – NCC/Sainik Welfare163/2022Click here
23Ayah – Various164/2022Click here
24Armed Police Sub Inspector (Special Recruitment for ST Only ) – Kerala Police Department165/2022Click here
25Assistant Prison Officer (Special Recruitment – (SC/ST) only) – Prisons166/2022Click here
26Mortuary Technician Gr. II (Special Recruitment from ST only) – Kerala Medical Education167/2022Click here
27Blood Bank Technician Grade-II (Special Recruitment for ST Only) – Medical Education168/2022Click here
28Inspector of Police (Telecommunications) (Special Recruitment for Scheduled Tribes Only) – Kerala Police Service169/2022Click here
29Assistant Professor in Transfusion Medicine (Blood Bank) – Medical Education-I NCA-SCCC/MUSLIM170-171/2022Click here
30Reporter Grade-II (Malayalam) – Legislature Secretariat172/2022Click here
31Dental Hygienist Grade-II-VIII NCA-SCCC/DHEEVARA – Health Services173-174/2022Click here
32Boat Driver – I NCA-E/B/T – Kerala Tourism Development Corporation Limited175/2022Click here
33Lower Division Clerk (From Ex-servicemen only)-I NCA-M/SC/SIUCN – NCC/Sainik Welfare176-178/2022Click here
34Part-Time High School Assistant (Urdu)-IV NCA-SC – Education179/2022Click here
35Part-Time High School Teacher (Arabic) – V NCA-SC – Education180/2022Click here
36Women Civil Excise Officer-I NCA-MUSLIM – Excise181/2022Click here

Kerala PSC Notification Gazette Date 04/05/2022

The Kerala PSC announced recruitment notification for 2 posts on 4th May 2022. The last date for application submission is on 8th June 2022.

Number of posts reported2
Gazette Date4th May 2022
Last Date8th June 2022

The post name and their details such as educational qualification, salary, age limit etc. of the Kerala PSC notification are given below.

NoPost NameCategory NumberDetails
1Assistant Engineer – Kerala Water Authority137/2022Click here
2Assistant Engineer (From Departmental Candidates Only) – Kerala Water Authority138/2022Click here

Kerala PSC Notification April 2022

The Kerala Public Service Commission (KPSC) announced the recruitment notification for 40 various posts in April 2022. The eligible candidates can apply for these vacancies from 13th April 2022 to 18th May 2022. View all the details from the below table.

Number of posts reported40
Gazette Date13th April 2022
Last Date18th May 2022

The post details such as qualification, salary, number of posts etc for each post of the Kerala PSC notification are provided below as a pdf. You can view the details in the below table.

No.Post NameCategory NumberDetails
1Lecturer in Mridangam – Collegiate Education (Music colleges)45/2022Click here
2Stores/Purchase Officer – PART-I (GENERAL CATEGORY) – Kerala Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Limited46/2022Click here
3Stores/Purchase Officer – PART-II (SOCIETY CATEGORY) – Kerala Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Limited47/2022Click here
4Junior Instructor (Dairying) – Industrial Training48/2022Click here
5Radiographer Gr-II / X-Ray Technician Gr. II – Ayurveda Medical Education49/2022Click here
6Instrument Mechanic – Medical Education50/2022Click here
7Cobbler – Medical Education51/2022Click here
8Junior Time Keeper – Kerala Minerals and Metals Ltd.(T.P Unit)52/2022Click here
9Electrical Engineer – PART-I (GENERAL CATEGORY) Kerala State Co-operative Coir Marketing Federation Limited53/2022Click here
10Lower Division Clerk/Accountant, Cashier/Clerk-cum-Accountant/II-Grade Asst.-Kerala Khadi&Village Industries Board54/2022Click here
11Farm Worker Part-I (General Category) – Kerala State Co-operative Federation for Fisheries Development Limited55/2022Click here
12Farm Worker – Part-II (Fishermen /Dependent of Fishermen Category) KSCCMF Ltd56/2022Click here
13Farm Worker – Part-III (Society Category) – KSCCMF Ltd57/2022Click here
14Programmer Cum Operator – PART-I (GENERAL CATEGORY) – KSCCMF Ltd58/2022Click here
15Telephone Operator – PART-I (GENERAL CATEGORY) – KSCCMF Ltd59/2022Click here
16High School Teacher (Hindi) (By Transfer) – Education60/2022Click here
17Assistant Professor in Mathematics (SR from ST Only) – Collegiate Education61/2022Click here
18Assistant Director (Biology) (SR from SC/ST ) – Kerala Police Service (Forensic Science Laboratory)62/2022Click here
19Junior Instructor – (Stenographer & Secretarial Assistant- English) – (SR from SC/ST)63/2022Click here
20Attender (SR from ST Only) – Kerala State Industrial Corporation Limited64/2022Click here
21Lower Division Clerk/Assistant GR-II (SR – SC/ST & ST only) – Various Government-owned Comp./ Boards/ Corp.65/2022Click here
22Last Grade Servants (SR from SC/ ST) – Various66/2022Click here
23Assistant Professor (Architecture) (I NCA – ST) – Technical Education (Engineering Colleges).67/2022Click here
24Assistant Professor in Medical Gastroenterology (I NCA-OBC) – Medical Education68/2022Click here
25Assistant Professor in Orthodontics (II NCA-VISWAKARMA) – Medical Education69/2022Click here
26Assistant Professor in Community Dentistry (II NCA-LC/AI) – Medical Education70/2022Click here
27Assistant Professor in Anaesthesiology(V NCA – SCCC) – Medical Education71/2022Click here
28Scientific Assistant (I NCA-SC) – Ayurveda Medical Education72/2022Click here
29Non-Vocational Teacher (Junior) – Mathematics (II NCA-ST) – Kerala Vocational Higher Secondary Education73/2022Click here
30Non-Vocational Teacher (Junior) – Mathematics – Kerala Vocational Higher Secondary Education(IV NCA-ST)74/2022Click here
31Instrument Mechanic (VINCA – SC) – Medical Education75/2022Click here
32Junior Lab Assistant (I NCA-LC/AI) – Medical Education76/2022Click here
33Security Guard (IV NCA-E/T/B) – Traco Cable Company Limited77/2022Click here
34High School Teacher (Arabic)(V NCA – SC/ST) – Education78-79/2022Click here
35High School Teacher (Arabic) (VI NCA-E/T/B/SC/ST/LC/AI/OBC/V) – Education80-85/2022Click here
36High School Teacher (Arabic)(VIII NCA-LC) – Education86/2022Click here
37High School Teacher (Arabic) (IX NCA-SC/ST) – Education87-88/2022Click here
38Part-Time High School Teacher (Urdu)(VII NCA-SC) – Education89/2022Click here
39Driver Gr.II (HDV) (Ex-servicemen only) (II NCA-MUSLIM) – NCC/Sainik Welfare90/2022Click here
40Driver Gr.II (HDV) (Ex-servicemen only)(II NCA-SC) – NCC/Sainik Welfare91/2022Click here

Kerala PSC Notification February 2022

The Kerala PSC released the recruitment notification for 41 various posts in March 2022. All the eligible candidates can apply for the posts from 28th February 2022 to 30th March 2022.

Number of posts reported44
Gazette Date28th February 2022
Last Date30th March 202

All the post names and their details such as qualification, number of vacancies, salary etc of the Kerala PSc notification are provided below.

No.Post NameCategory NumberDetails
1Assistant Professor in Sanskrit (Vedantha) – Collegiate Education Department01/2022Click here
2Assistant Professor in Sanskrit (Nyaya) – Collegiate Education Department02/2022Click here
3Scientific Assistant (Biochemistry) – Medical Education03/2022Click here
4Junior Employment Officer – National Employment Services – Kerala04/2022Click here
5Assistant Engineer (Civil) (By Transfer) – Kerala State Electricity Board Ltd05/2022Click here
6Junior Instructor (Arithmetic-Cum- Drawing) – Industrial Training06/2022Click here
7Junior Instructor (Draughtsman Mechanic) – Industrial Training07/2022Click here
8Junior Instructor (Mechanic Motor Vehicle) – Industrial Training08/2022Click here
9Deputy Manager (Personnel & Administration) – Travancore Sugars and Chemicals Ltd.09/2022Click here
10General Manager – Kerala State Co-operative Agricultural and Rural Development Bank Limited10/2022Click here
11Junior Lab Assistant – Medical Education Service11/2022Click here
12Caulker – Kerala State Water Transport12/2022Click here
13Junior Supervisor(Canteen) – Kerala Minerals and Metals Ltd (TP Unit)13/2022Click here
14Technician Gr-II (Refrigeration Mechanic) PART-I (Grl.Category – KCMMF Ltd.14/2022Click here
15Technician Gr-II (Refrigeration Mechanic) PART-II (SOCIETY CATEGORY – KCMMF Ltd.15/2022Click here
16Driver cum Office Attendant – Medium/Heavy Passenger/Goods Vehicle – Part-I (General Category) – KSCMF Limited16/2022Click here
17Driver cum Office Attendant – Medium/Heavy Passenger/Goods Vehicle-Part-II (Society Category) – KSCMF Limited17/2022Click here
18Driver Grade-II – Part I (General Category) – KSCF for Fisheries Development Ltd.18/2022Click here
19Driver Gr.-II (Fishermen /Dependent of Fishermen Category)- Part-II – KSCF for Fisheries Development Ltd.19/2022Click here
20Driver Grade-II – Part-III (Driver Grade-II – PartIII (Society Category) – KSCF for Fisheries Development Ltd.20/2022Click here
21Factory Manager PART-I (GENERAL CATEGORY)- KSCRMF LTD – Intermix Factory21/2022Click here
22Typist – Kerala Electrical and Allied Engineering Company Limited22/2022Click here
23PS to Managing Director – PART-I (GENERAL CATEGORY) – Kerala State Co-operative Rubber Marketing Federation LTD.23/2022Click here
24Driver-PART-I (GRL. CATEGORY) – Kerala State Co-operative Rubber Marketing Federation Limited24/2022Click here
25Driver-PART-II (SOCIETY CATEGORY) – Kerala State Co-operative Rubber Marketing Federation Limited25/2022Click here
26Jr.Asst./Cashier/Asst.Gr.II/ Clerk Gr.-I/ Time Keeper Gr-II/ Sr.Asst./Asst./Jr.Clerk etc.-KSFE LTD./KSEB LTD.ETC26/2022Click here
27Beat Forest Officer (Part I-Direct Recruitment) – Forest27/2022Click here
28Beat Forest Officer (Part II-By Transfer) – Forest28-30/2022Click here
29Agricultural Officer (SR from SC/ST ) – Agriculture Development and Farmers’ Welfare Department31/2022Click here
30Assistant Town Planner(Special Recruitment from ST only) – Town & Country Planning32/2022Click here
31Senior Superintendent (SR from SC/ST) – Kerala Police Service33/2022Click here
32Junior Research Officer(SR from ST only) – Food Safety34/2022Click here
33Security Guard (SR from Ex-serviceman of ST only) – Traco Cable Company Limited35/2022Click here
34Assistant Professor in General Surgery – I NCA-OBC – Medical Education36/2022Click here
35Assistant Professor in Neurosurgery – I NCA-E/B/T – Medical Education37/2022Click here
36Assistant Professor in Nephrology – I NCA-MUSLIM – Medical Education38/2022Click here
37Assistant Professor in Cardiology – I NCA – E/B/T/OBC – Medical Education39-40/2022Click here
38Assistant Professor in Biochemistry – III NCA -LC/AI – Medical Education41/2022Click here
39Junior Instructor (Multimedia Animation And Special Effects) – I NCA-E/B/T – Industrial Training42/2022Click here
40Junior Instructor (Computer Hardware And Network Maintenance) – I NCA-MUSLIM – Industrial Training43/2022Click here
41Driver (DA candidates and female candidates are not eligible to apply) – I NCA -HN – Excise44/2022Click here

How to Prepare for Upcoming PSC Exams in Kerala?

Getting a Kerala PSC job is not an easy task. The aspirants need to work hard to crack a Kerala PSC exam. The preparation for the upcoming PSC exams in Kerala 2022 begins with the timetable. A proper timetable and a schedule are required for cracking PSC exams. Then you must download the Kerala PSC Syllabus and Previous Question Papers for the exam you want to prepare for. This will give you a clear idea of the exam pattern and question formats. Now you can learn things based on the syllabus and you can score good marks for the upcoming PSC exams in Kerala.

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Kerala PSC New Vacancies 2022

All the Kerala PSC New Vacancies 2022 are listed here. The Kerala Public Service Commission announces the new Kerala PSC vacancies through the Kpsc portal. The eligible candidates, who have the desired educational qualification and age limit can apply for the new vacancies through their one-time profile. All the Kerala PSC new vacancies are updated here. The PSC aspirants can bookmark this page or can visit this page regularly to check all the latest vacancies.

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The upcoming Kerala PSC notifications are listed on this page. The Kerala PSC job seekers can visit this page daily to know more about the Upcoming Kerala PSC Notification of 2022. The PSC notifications like LDC, LGS, Lab Assistant, Deputy Collector, Engineer, Medical Officer, Village Field Assistant, VEO, divisional accountant Kerala psc notification etc are yet to be announced. We will update all the upcoming Kerala PSC Notification Thulasi here. You can also join our Telegram channel to receive instant updates.

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FAQ on Kerala PSC Notification

Here are some of the frequently asked questions and their answers on the Kerala PSC Notification.

First of all, verify that you are eligible to write the PSC exam by checking the Kerala PSC notification. If you are eligible then apply for the notification through your PSC profile.

According to Kerala Public Service Commission, there is no limit on the number of attempts for the candidate.

You will get all the Kerala PSC notifications from this page.

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