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PSC thulasi – At our blog, you will get to know the complete kerala kpsc thulasi information on about the process of kerala psc one time registration and guide to crack the kerala psc thulasi exam in upcoming days.

Know More:

Kerala PSC  thulasi is the only public service commission In India that has been started this new innovative concept as One time registration.  As per the government there by any approx. 120+ different vaccines have been opened each year in different categories for different graduates people.

Realizing this, the kerala KPSC thulasi launched a new scheme where we called it as kerala PSC Thulasi ( One time registration )

The following article will be covered in three formats as follows:


There are two different categories kerala PSC thulasi one time registration ( For Freshers, and KSPC Thulasi ( Departmental Examination )


kerala PSC THULASI – PSC thulasi is for the candidates or consider as freshers who are seeking the job opportunities under KPSC.  If you did not belong to the KPSC department this is one is for you – Download Latest Kerala PSC Hall Ticket.

KPSC Login: Where kpsc Login  is only for the department people who are seeking to grow in their department itself.

We do cover the process of one-time registration for both of them. At first, we would like to go for the PSC thulasi registration process.

KPSC Thulasi – One Time Registration Process

The process of registration kerala PSC thulasi via online is quite easy. But, you have to follow certain rules and regulations before proceeding with the registration process. We do cover the step by step process right over here. Do check it out.

At first, you need to visit the official website link right over here:

At Step – 1:

Once you visited the website, at left sidebar you need to click on ” New Registration “.

Then after a page will open as follows:


Your photography must contain the name and date of photo taken. If either name or date is not presented in the photo.

psc thulasi

Your application will eventually be rejected and your application will no longer consider. Each new registration process will be subjected to verification.

So, be check whether your photography bears your name and date, while uploading on the kerala kpsc thulasi portal.

At Step – 2:

At step – 2,  you need to upload the photo:

Note – 1:  Your name and date of birth context are must be in black color. And, the background is in white color boxed in rectangular. If the requirement doesn’t meet on your photo, you just can’t proceed to the next step.

Note – 2:  Your photo must meet the required width x Height. As per the kerala PSC thulasi, kpsc website.

Required Size:  Width x Height : 150x 200Px respectively.

To be frank it’s really a headache process and most of the people have no idea how to proceed. here we cover the step by step guide for that process.

Reduce Image To Exact 150 x 200 Size Process:

The process of reducing image size is quite processed all you need to do have is to visit the reduce image size website as Follows:

Visit the website Link here – Reduce Image Size Here.

Here is how the web page will look alike –

kpsc thulasi

The after you need to upload your scanned photography ( With date and time context color in black, the background should be in white color ( Rectangular Box ).

  • Now, choose the width 150 and Height 200 as shown in the following image.
  • Note: Please do untick the ” Keep proportion ” Option on the website. So, that the image will compress exactly 150 x 200 as per your requirements.
  • Once, you were done download the Image and upload on the kerala PSC thulasi website.
  • Once you uploaded the image. It will be shown as ” Uploaded successfully and also shown preview of your photo on the website “

NOTE: If the photograph does not bear your name and date of photo taken, all applications attached with this Photograph will be summarily rejected (non-appeal-able) in due course of application processing.


Step – 3

At step – 3, once your image has been uploaded. Now, you need to enter the details as follows:

  • Your Name
  • Your Date Of Birth as in the format of [ DD/MM/YYYY ]

Things to follow:

This name will be used in the further steps of the Registration Process.

  • The name must be as in your official records.
  • The initials must be either at the end or in the middle of the name.
  • Avoid salutations like Mr., Mrs., Dr., Br., Sr., Fr., Rev., Adv. etc. in the name.

Also, you need to declare the following details as per on the website:

  • The bottom portion of the above photograph bears my name and date of photo taken.
  • The above photograph is my own and was taken within One Year.
  • My name, date of photo taken and the face in the photograph are clear and legible.

Once, the details were matched, now you need to enter the rest of the details as like:

  • Education Qualification.
  • College Institute name.

Once, you were done click on save. That’s it. Whenever a new kerala KPSC Thulasi released a new job application. You can now apply directly from the website without filling any online application form again online.

That’s it. Whenever a new KPSC released a new job application. You can now apply directly from the website without filling.

That’s it. If you do have any doubts then do leave a comment here at the end of the post. We do help you out related to any query asap.

Kerala PSC Login – Departmental Examination Portal

The Kerala PSC thulasi login is not for the freshers, the kerala PSC thulasi login is only meant for the departments under government category, Boards, corporations, government bodies,  Autonomous bodies. As per PSC rules, those who are not employed at any such institutions are not used those one time registration process.

As per PSC thulasi rules, those who are not employed at any such institutions are not used those one time registration process.

If you are already employed in any one of those departments: You can use this platform. If you haven’t registered.

Then here is the guide for you to register for the departmental examinations only for those who belong to Government departmental.

  • At First, you need to visit the official website here is the link :
  • Then after you need to register your account followed by the URL here:
  • Then after a page will appear asked to fill out the following details as follows:

Note: Candidates who are already registered are not required to register again. In case if you lost the password. You can contact the PSC helpline center.

At first step – 1  ( Personal Details ):

At first, you need to upload the photo on kerala psc thulasi portal. Then after you need to fill out the application form as follows:

  • Name as per on service records.
  • Gender
  • Date Of Birth
  • Guardian’s Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Relationship with guardian
  • Physical ability if Any

Do verify those details over and over again. Before filling out the rest of the details.

At Step – 2 ( Communication Details )

Here is list of communication details:

You need to fill both permanent address and communication address. If the permanent address is as same as the permanent address. Then do check the mark.

  • House Number
  • Place/street
  • city/District
  • Pincode
  • Email
  • Mobile Number

That’s it. Move on to the step – 3.

psc thulasi - one time registration

At step – 3,

You need to fill out the Employment Details. The list of details that you have to fill it out as follows:

  • At first, you need to choose the exact department that you have been working. There are approx i.e, 200+ various departments.
  • Once you choose the department, it will automatically display the list of Designation under that department.
  • Choose either you are regular or regular on deputation.
  • Enter the office address as shown on the website as follows.

At step – 4,

At step – 4 you need to enter the Identification details. As per on the PSC thulasi website you do have the four different types of ID types as per KPSC.

  • Pancard
  • Voter Id
  • Driving License
  • Indian Passport
  • Aadhaar Number
  • PEN ( Spark )
  • Enter the Id card number and click on Next.

That’s it. Below we do cover the mst frequent asked questions about the process of kerala psc thulasi one time registration. Do Check it out 🙂

Most Frequent Asked Questions About kerala PSC Thulasi

Here we cover a list of most frequently asked questions about the kerala psc thulasi, KPSC login.

Q: I have forgotten my password, How can I retrive the password? Or Do I create a new account?

A – you can retrieve your account by clicking on forgot password option, there by you need to enter your date of birth and Id No of this Unique Id.

Q: I have forgotten my User Id? How can I get it back?

A – In this case you need to make a call to the customer care service center. Here are the details of contact number.

  • Call Center
    0471 2444438
    0471 2555538

Q: Do I need to register a new account for every time to apply for a post?

A: No need. You need to register only once. Later by you need to log in with your username and apply for the post that matches with your educational qualification.

Q: My university were not listed in the portal? How can I add my university?

A: All Universities are added within the state. If your college belong to another state, then you need to choose the outside kerala option and submit the details.

If you do have any doubts related to the information that we shared here. Then do leave a comment here at the end of the post.