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Birth Certificate Kerala

The Kerala Govt birth certificate is an important document for everyone. The Birth Certificate Kerala is the document that proves the citizenship of children. Children need this certificate for school admissions, to add their name to ration cards, to apply for Passport, to apply for a driving license etc. You can get the Kerala Birth Certificate from Akshaya centres. Also, you can download the Kerala birth certificate online from the official portal of Sevana. So if want to know how to get birth certificate in Kerala? or How to download Birth Certificate in Kerala? Then continue reading this article.

Important Points of Kerala Birth Certificate

  • The Kerala birth certificate can be obtained only if the birth is registered in Kerala.
  • According to the existing rules the birth has to be registred within 1 year of its occurence.
  • Delayed birth registration after 1 year of occurance can only be done on the basis of orders of Executive / 1st Class Magistrate of Kerala.
  • Births occuring in Kerala can be registerd only by the KMC.
  • The name of child can be added at the time of birth registration by parent.

Benefits of the Birth Certificate in Kerala

As we already mentioned the birth certificate is an important document that proves the nationality or citizenship of people. The birth certificate is required for the following purposes.

  • To take school admissions
  • To take the driving licesense
  • To take Passport
  • To add name in the ration card
  • To take any policies

How to Download Birth Certificate Online in Kerala

In order to download the birth certificate online in Kerala, you can follow the steps below.

Step 1: First of all visit the official Sevana portal, ( and click on ‘Certificate Search’.

Birth certificate online kerala

Step 2: Select the Local body where the Birth has been registered. You can select the District, Localbody type and Localbody accordingly and then click on ‘Submit’.

Step 3: Now select the Year of Birth from the list.

Step 4: Now fill in the mandatory details such as name, date of birth, gender, mothers name and click on search.

Step 5: That’s it.

Birth Certificate Kerala (FAQ)

Here are some of the frequently asked questions and their answers on download Birth Certificate Kerala Online. All your doubts will be cleared by going through this.

Where can I download birth certificate in Kerala?

Can I download my birth certificate online in Kerala?

Is Kerala birth certificate is important?

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